Millie Bobby Brown ("Stranger Things") leaves Twitter after being harassed

Millie Bobby Brown ("Stranger Things") leaves Twitter after being harassed

Young actress Millie Bobby Brown, who became famous for her role as Eleven in the series Stranger Things, becomes a usual target on social networks. Since her discovery in her role as a girl with supernatural gifts, she is one of the rising stars of Hollywood. But despite his 14 years old , it undergoes very violent attacks from the trolls, the famous malicious Internet users who never know how to stop. She suffers the “classic” harassment, which women know too well. We comment on her outfits, too sexy or not sexy enough. No matter what his choices, nothing goes. To believe that we forget his child status .

This time, it went too far. A group of Internet users had fun attributing false statements to the girl, posing as a notorious homophobe. Objective of these rough montages: destroy his reputation . False statements naturally, especially since the actress supports many associations that fight against LGBTphobies like GLAAD.

To protect herself from these Internet users – even if she did not directly link these two phenomena directly – Millie Bobby Brown simply decided to delete his Twitter account. A radical way of not having to read these defamatory messages. Like many stars, she remains present exclusively on Instagram where users may be less voracious.

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