Millionaire drug dealer trial under strong security measures

Under strong security measures, ensured by the PSP, the trial of a gang of drug traffickers led by an individual known by the nickname of “Pópó” begins this Monday, at the Beja Court, to whom the Judiciary Police (PJ) seized 1.2 million euros, the vast majority of which were plastered against the walls of a warehouse.

When on the morning of May 20, 2021, inspectors from the PJ’s National Unit to Combat Drug Trafficking (UNCTE) entered a warehouse, located in Aldeia do Ronquenho, in Ferreira do Alentejo, they found 908 packages of cannabis, with the overall weight of 91.5 kilograms and 300 thousand euros hidden in a car.

The rest of the banknotes, over 900,000 euros, were hidden in the building’s wall, concealed by wooden boards. Despite being well hidden, the PJ inspectors were not deceived and found their fortune.

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