Millions damage at fire in Bosch plant


BAccording to initial estimates, a fire in the millions was caused by a fire in Germany's largest German plant of automotive supplier Bosch in Bamberg on Thursday. The police and the company reported that nobody was injured in the fire. The cause of the fire was still unclear, the investigators of the criminal investigation have taken up the investigation.

A factory building was so badly damaged by the flames that the building may not be entered for the time being. The employees were able to get to safety in time. Bosch's factory fire brigade had already started firefighting work shortly after the fire broke out around 1.30 pm. Subsequently, several fire brigades from the area came to the rescue. Ultimately, more than 200 task forces were involved in the large-scale deployment.

Because of the heavy smoke, the police first asked the people around the factory to keep the windows and doors shut. Patrol cars locked the streets and diverted the traffic. After two hours the flames were under control and the warning could be lifted.

A company spokeswoman said that the exact amount of damage has yet to be clarified. More than 7,000 employees work in the plant – making it Bosch's largest German production site.

Parts of the burnt facade on the grounds of the Bosch plant in Bamberg

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