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Millions of jackpots!The first prize of Hangzhou’s first bet is generated during the 1 billion sports lottery prize

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2022-05-21 07:06

On the evening of May 18, the 22055th lottery draw of the Sports Lottery Lottery was held, and the winning number was “01 02 12 15 23 + 04 06”. A lottery buyer in Hangzhou won the first prize of 1 bet and won 10 million yuan! This is the first million-dollar jackpot in Hangzhou during the 2022 Super Lotto 1 Billion Prize.

This super prize comes from the 3301012591 Sports Lottery physical store located at No. 25 Fengshou Middle Road, Fuchun Street, Fuyang District, Hangzhou City. According to the salesman, the winner was a 10 yuan ticket, and the 10 yuan ushered in the tens of millions of prizes, which is really lucky. However, it is not yet known who the winner is, and I hope the winner will come to claim the prize as soon as possible. At the same time, she also said that she is very honored that her physical sports lottery store can become the birthplace of the first prize in Hangzhou during this year’s sports lottery lottery award period, and hopes that this luck can be passed on to more people.

On May 20, Wang Tianrong, Secretary and Director of the Party Branch of the Hangzhou Sports Lottery Management Center, presented the salesman with a publicity plaque for the grand prize and sent condolences to the salesman to express his congratulations. At the same time, he thanked her for her contribution to the public welfare of the Sports Lottery. Director Wang also said that Fuyang is a lucky land, and he hoped that the majority of lottery buyers can enjoy the good luck brought by the 1 billion sports lottery prize. It is worth mentioning that during last year’s Lotto award period, Fuyang had a super prize from a sports lottery store that refreshed the biggest Lotto prize in Hangzhou, with a bonus of 72.71 million yuan! This year, there is another lucky person in Fuyang area with this “super lucky” attribute, and successfully won the grand prize of 10 million yuan. It is really a lot of surprises and good luck!

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At present, the 1 billion sports lottery prize is still going on. The majority of lottery buyers who are concerned about the sports lottery should hurry up. If you add a single ticket of 15 yuan to participate in the prize distribution, you must remember the rules of the event.

Source: City Express Author: Editor: Zheng Haiyun