Entertainment Milly Johnson has given birth

Milly Johnson has given birth


Milly Johnson, who appeared in the last season of Bride and Prejudice on Channel 7, gave birth to her son with her former partner Micah Downey, who died suddenly in December last year.

By sharing the news on Instagram, Johnson captioned a picture of her with her little son: “Feeling so much love for a little life that I delivered to the world on Monday, January 27, 2020 at 6:46 p.m.

“A healthy baby weighing 3680 g (8 pounds).”

He then shared the baby’s name, Micah Harper Johnson, a tribute to his ex who died on Saturday, December 28, after taking a “mix of illegal and prescribed drugs,” according to the Daily Mail.

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Johnson, 23, shared the tragic news of Downey’s death earlier this month.

“It’s so sad and incredibly surreal that I’m making this post,” Johnson wrote under an image of Downey with a guitar.

Johnson revealed that Downey died at age 26 on Saturday, December 28.

“I am struggling to put into words how sad and heartbreaking this is,” Johnson continued.

“I just hope he is at peace wherever he is and that he will always be taking care of his babies. A bad, a bad dream. I can’t believe you’re not here Rest in peace, Micah.

In a statement, Channel 7 said: “The team of Bride and prejudice She is devastated by the news of the loss of Micah Downey. Our deepest thoughts and sympathies are with his family and friends in this incredibly difficult time. “

The fellow participants of the most recent season of the program, as well as the previous season, also went to social networks to share tributes to Downey.

“We love you so much, Milly,” co-star Tori Ciseau said on Instagram.

“We will always be at your disposal no matter what you need. Micah will take care of you and your children, always remember that.

“Sorry for your loss,” said Seyat Abazovski, of the second season of the show. “I wish you the best.”

Downey and Johnson shared another son, Julian.

The couple appeared in the third season of the reality show in an attempt to convince Johnson’s mother to approve their relationship, but made the decision to separate while filming.

“We had been on and off for some time,” Johnson told his 36,500 Instagram followers, addressing the division.

“I loved him. He is the father of my son and my baby on the road. It was such a difficult decision not only to break the wedding, but also to break up with Micah for the last time. Everything I expected and dreamed fell apart.”

After his death, an advisor close to the family revealed on Facebook that Downey’s drug addiction played a role in his death.

Jodi Barber, whose own son died of a heroin overdose many years ago, wrote: “Micah’s parents do not want this to happen to another young life.” They understand that it was avoidable! ”Next to a picture of Micah and his son, Julian.

She said she was thought to have been prescribed “two different benzodiazepines” to treat a heroin addiction, which Mrs. Barber did not believe was the right course of action.

His post concluded: “There has to be a better way to deal with anxiety and depression for heroin addicts.”

The images, which were filmed in May 2019, shortly after Johnson canceled his wedding due to Downey’s drug use, showed Johnson’s mother, Catherine Johnson, saying that Micah “could not be saved.”

“You know you’re not his savior. You’re not going to save him. He has to save himself,” Catherine said.

“And you can’t marry someone because you feel sorry for him.” He needs to prove himself and hasn’t done it. “

Channel 7 has since eliminated all three seasons of Bride and Prejudice from its transmission platform, 7 Plus, and has also removed the program’s home page.



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