Milo (Goldband) about drug fuss: “I shouldn’t have done it”

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According to the jury, they were the big sensation at the festivals and the epitome of the post-corona era in live music. Something that 3FM can only join. It was a fantastic year for the band. They performed at every festival in the Netherlands and Belgium, won prizes including two 3FM Awards and have perhaps put down the most memorable set in years at Lowlands. And they can now add the Pop Prize of 2022 to that.

At Timur and Ivo’s in the 3FM studio, they tell how they were surprised with the news earlier this week, but had to keep it quiet for a long time. No one was allowed to know today that they were secretly brought to Groningen and they were smuggled unrecognizable into the Oosterpoort of Groningen.

Fuss around sniff film

But there was more going on around Goldband this past weekend. Earlier this weekend, a video of Milo appeared online in which he took a small white envelope from the audience and drew a line from it. The internet was divided. What do you expect from a band that sings about ‘White Wash’ and that the ‘coke is too expensive’. But others felt they should be a better example for young people who listen to their music.

“I Shouldn’t Have Done It”

What does Milo think of it? “I shouldn’t have done it, I did. People can have their opinion about it. I can promise I will never do it again.” To which he then adds after Boaz’s indignation: “Not on stage.”

“Now that we are quite well known and have just taken a picture with young children, for example. I don’t have to introduce them to that. So I do regret that.” Watch the interview with Goldband below!

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