INTERVIEW – The actress does not play the guardian angels on France 3, but she is impeccable in a role of cop.

Mimie Mathy who makes an infidelity to TF1, her channel for more than twenty years, is already an event in itself. But when she wears a cop costume on France 3 in The Price of Truth it’s totally unexpected.
Was it important to quickly evacuate the question of your size in this new fiction? A guardian angel, as in Josephine , we make fun of his size. There, one could not conceal the fact that my character of cop measures 1 m 32. But the captain Marie Jourdan assumes it. And we can imagine that she had to go through all possible sarcasm … She made a carapace of self-deprecation that protects her from what she knows, what others may think of her or her function policewoman. We wanted it in his skin and he happens to be a good cop! (Smile.)
Was it necessary to ask permission from TF1 to play in this TV movie on France 3? I did not ask permission from TF1 because my contract allows me to do it. But the least was of course to prevent them. On the other hand, it will not become a series. For once, as long as I have Josephine I can not contractually make another one.
In the universe of current series, Josephine is she a UFO? I will defend all my life Josephine because I think the series is deep and strong. It is good to keep this character who deals with serious subjects but gently and knowing that it will end well. Yes, it’s a bit of a UFO in today’s world where everything often ends badly …
You just finished filming an episode of Josephine who welcomes Tom, the hero of Camping Paradise , played by Laurent Ournac … We shot a crossover where the character played by Laurent Ournac leaves his Camping Paradise to come to participate in the wedding of his former fiancée played by Jennifer Lauret in an episode of Josephine . And, in my turn, an adventure will take me to the South to the campsite. With Laurent, we know each other because he has already shot in an episode of Josephine ten years ago, he was just coming out of the show My incredible fiance .
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