Mini camera for 60 euros at Aldi: Medion Life E44007


Very small camera, very small price: From April 26, Aldi Nord offers the Medion Life E44007 (MD87857). What buyers can expect from the 60-euro camera says COMPUTER BILD.

V Many traditional camera manufacturers focus on high-quality cameras – they are getting better, but unfortunately also more expensive. The new Aldi camera Medion Life E44007, however, aims at people who are looking for a particularly cheap camera. COMPUTER BILD says what buyers of the compact camera can expect. Medion Life E44007 with fivefold zoom The most important advantage of the Medion camera compared to a smartphone: the fivefold zoom. At 26 millimeters (converted to the small format), it is a bit wider at the beginning of the zoom range than most smartphone lenses. In addition, it brings in the end zoom range with 130 millimeters (converted to the small picture format) even slightly farther motifs format-filling – and without loss of quality as the digital zoom.
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20 megapixel photos, HD video The Medion Life E44007 captures photos with 20 megapixels (5152×3864 pixels), videos in 720p (1280×720 pixels). The sensor is quite small as with cheap compact cameras (sensor size in about 4.2×5.6 millimeters). Too high demands on the image quality should not be there – but it should be on the level of current smartphones. Medion Life E44007: Extremely small and light The Medion camera is a real mini: it weighs only 120 grams, less than many smartphones, and fits easily in jacket or trouser pocket thanks to its small dimensions (6.0×10.0x2.3 cm). How small the camera is, shows a look at the back. The screen is slightly smaller than the more expensive 2.7-inch screen, but still fills most of the back.

The monitor occupies most of the back of the Medion Life E44007 (MD87857). Next to it, most of the camera controls are located. Only the trigger perches on top of the camera.

Complete package The accessories Medion is generous: In addition to camera, battery and charger, the manufacturer also adds an SD memory card with 8 gigabytes and a bag. The battery does not have to be charged into the charger for charging – it is charged in the camera via the supplied USB cable. Price and Availability of the Medion Life E44007 The Medion Life E44007 is available from April 26 at Aldi Nord for 59.99 euros. Whether the camera will also be available at Aldi Süd, is not fixed yet.
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