mining – Kassel:Lower Saxony against higher salt discharge by K + S

View of the logo of the potash and salt producer K + S. Photo: Uwe Zucchi / dpa / symbol image (Photo: dpa)

Directly from the dpa news channel

Hanover / Kassel / Wiesbaden (dpa / lhe) – In the conflict over the introduction of saline wastewater in Werra and Weser by the Kassel potash group K + S, the state of Lower Saxony insists on the previous agreements. The higher salt limit values ​​applied for by the company are rejected, said Lower Saxony’s Environment Minister Olaf Lies (SPD) on Thursday, “after all, there are very clear rules as to how high the values ​​may be”.

K + S has submitted an application in Hesse which provides for a gradual reduction in the discharge of salt into the Werra over the next few years. However, the target values ​​are higher than the federal states originally agreed to for the Werra and Weser. The group had asked for more time in April to solve its wastewater problems. For the company, disposal is decisive for the production volume. The agreed reduction is not economically feasible.

As the competent authority, the Kassel Regional Council must decide on the K + S application. Lies recalled, however, that the states bordering the Weser are adopting the management plan for the river. And the requested discharge permit can only be granted within the framework of this plan. Lower Saxony will make this clear to the regional council of North Hesse. A hearing process will continue there until the beginning of August. Hesse’s Environment Minister Priska Hinz (Greens) reacted coolly to the K + S application in April, Thuringia also insisted on the agreed values.


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