Mininter includes former judge César Hinostroza in the Rewards Program

S/ 150,000 is offered for information that contributes to the location and capture of the former magistrate.

The Ministry of the Interior (Mininter), through the Rewards Program, offers an economic benefit of S/ 150,000 for relevant information that contributes to the location and capture of former Supreme Judge César Hinostroza, accused of being one of the leaders of the corruption network “The White Necks of the Port”.

The former magistrate presents an injunction order for the crimes of criminal organization and generic active bribery, as well as a request for 36 months of preventive detention requested by the Supreme Court of Preparatory Investigation.

In an extraordinary session, the Commission for the Evaluation of Rewards against Criminality of the Ministry decided this Wednesday to include it in the list of “The Most Wanted” of the Rewards Program, with the purpose of promoting that citizens collaborate with suitable information that contributes to the location and capture of the former magistrate.

It should be remembered that Hinostroza Pariachi fled to Spain in 2018, across the border with Ecuador. The Judiciary required three extradition requests against the former magistrate, between 2018 and 2019, one for the crimes of illegal sponsorship, influence peddling, incompatible negotiation and specific passive bribery; and another two for crimes against the public administration, in the modalities of generic active bribery to the detriment of the Peruvian State and specific passive bribery.

According to the Office for International Judicial Cooperation and Extraditions of the Public Ministry, only two of these extradition files fell before the Central Court of Instruction No. 5 of the National Court – Madrid, in Spain.

If a citizen knows the whereabouts of any of the fugitives that were included in the “Most Wanted” list, they can report it free of charge, safely and confidentially, by calling 0800 40 007.

To know the faces and information of the applicants who are part of the Rewards Program, you can enter the following link:

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2023-06-01 16:46:41