Minister Carlos Alvarado announces 351 new cases and one death due to Covid-19

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Today, Venezuela registered 249 community cases, of which 142 are related to the focus of the Las Pulgas de Maracaibo market, the rest of the cases are registered in:

Miranda: 19

Merida: 11

Bolívar: 19

Capital District: 34

Sugar: 14

Yaracuy: 3

Trujillo: 3

Monagas: 2

Lara: 1

Anzoátegui: 1

101 international cases were also registered, detected in Venezuelans from Colombia (82), Brazil (16) and Ecuador (3) who entered through the border states.

A deceased person, a 73-year-old doctor from the state of Mérida, was reported, bringing the number of deaths in Venezuela to 42, while the total number of infections is 5,130.



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