Minister for the Environment: “It is clear that the Portuguese electricity system is already an example at European level”

The Minister of the Environment, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, welcomed the tariff proposal presented this Friday by the Regulatory Authority for Energy Services (ERSE), which will allow consumers in the regulated electricity market to lower their bill by 3.4% in January, at current prices, but will also allow for a substantial reduction in the electricity system’s tariff debt.

“It is very evident that the Portuguese electricity system at the moment is already an example at the European level”, declared João Pedro Matos Fernandes to Express, in a comment on ERSE’s tariff proposal for 2022. And he stressed that the regulator’s proposal allows for the creation of conditions so that there are no price increases in a context of particularly high wholesale prices. “Without creating any tariff deficit”, stressed Matos Fernandes.

The Minister of the Environment, who admits that he was surprised by the sharp fall in the electricity system’s tariff debt (in 2022 it will decrease by more than one billion euros), considers that in recent years there has been “a trajectory of very positive evolution” in the electricity system. Portuguese, promoting a reduction in costs, which proves, according to the government official, that “it is worth investing in electrification”.

“It is with great satisfaction that I note that the long-term policy of investing in renewables is worthwhile”, also commented Matos Fernandes. “We put the right money in the right place,” he added.

“More than this was impossible”

The Environment Minister also underlined the 94% reduction in grid access tariffs for medium, high and very high voltage, which will allow many industries to offset the increase in the cost of the energy component in their electricity bills. “More than this was impossible”, he stressed to the Express.

“I’ve had some phone calls, even from electro-intensive consumers, who weren’t expecting it to be like this,” confided Matos Fernandes, pointing to a first positive reaction from some industrialists, surprised by the magnitude of the drop in network access tariffs.

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“It is now up to the industrialists to make the right contracts”, commented the Minister of Environment.