Minister of Culture hails Adèle Haenel's "courage"


Franck Riester has supported the actress, as well as "all those who dare to break the silence."

The Minister of Culture spoke at the cinematographic meetings in Dijon. Minister of Culture Franck Riester greeted Thursday 7 November "courage" actress Adèle Haenel, who accused director Christophe Ruggia of sexual assault as a teenager. He also assured her of her support, her and her "all those who dare to break the silence."

In a speech at the cinematographic meetings in Dijon, an annual meeting of film professionals, the minister wanted to send a message to the actress. "Today, I want to salute the courage of Adele Haenel, and all those who dare to break the silence, I want to assure them of my support, to tell them that their word is necessary. vain "said Franck Riester. He had not yet taken a public stand in this affair.

Two years after the Weinstein affair and the #MeToo phenomenon, Adèle Haenel's revelations are creating a shockwave in the cinema world. The 30-year-old actress explained to Mediapart that she was not considering filing a complaint against Christophe Ruggia, whom she accused of "clearly considers pedophilia and sexual harassment", between her 12 and 15 years, and with whom she shot her first film, "The Devils". On his side, the director recognized Wednesday the"error" to have played with the actress "the pygmalions"but refuted all violence, while justice has seized this affair.

The Minister of Culture highlighted the government's efforts to "put an end to the feeling of impunity of the aggressors", and assured that "new announcements will be made, November 25, in the context of the Grenelle against domestic violence".

In addition to the responsibility of the authorities for "bring solutions to the victims", he pointed out that of "those who know and who are silent", as "that of the world of cinema". Franck Riester also announced "new commitments" on the subject, which he will share during the second Assises for Parity equality and diversity in cinema, to be held in mid-November.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, had called Thursday Adèle Haenel to "trust the justice", and stressed the need to "complain systematically" in this kind of case.


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