Minister of Education Visits Eco-Friendly Schools in Moselle-North, Advocating for Climate Change in Education Programs

No major announcement, no meeting with the teachers’ unions (to the great regret of the FSU which wonders about “the absence of social dialogue”), no fuss either around his displacement. In the end, the movement of the Minister of National Education in Moselle-north resembles a small breath. After Metz, the field visit took Pap Ndiaye to Volstroff, a town of 2,000 inhabitants where the Saint-Exupéry elementary school ticks all the boxes for a good student. Here, the children do theater all year round, which allows them to work on memory, elocution and vocabulary. The establishment also has an in-depth teaching system in German (3 hours per week) and plans to create a language laboratory to go even further. Above all, Saint-Exupéry is labeled “Eco school”, platinum level please. As such, the Minister was able to discover the actions in place: the educational vegetable garden, the future garden-forest which will replace the asphalt of the courtyard, the henhouse… Ultimately, this favorable environment plays on the results of the pupils who come into 6e with a very satisfactory level of knowledge; a point recorded by the Minister. At the end of the day, head to the Poincaré school in Thionville to inaugurate the city’s first schoolyard where nature has definitively driven out the bitumen. Although he largely welcomed the investment (€390,000 with the support of the Water Agency), the Minister rebounded on the substance and the need to review the programs in view of the climate changes that are essential. to all. “The ecological transition will be the great work of the generation of our students,” he said before leaving.

2023-05-26 18:52:00

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