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Minister of Health denies the mayor of Epuyén for the delivery of pills against the Hanta

The Minister of Health of the Province of Chubut, Adrián Pizzi, today denied the statements of the mayor of Epuyén, Antonio Reato, about the delivery, as of this Tuesday, of pills created to accelerate the recovery of patients with hantavirus.

This was published yesterday afternoon by the state news agency Telam, citing as official source the mayor of the cordilleran locality.

In the published note, he assures that "lThe information was provided today (for yesterday) to Télam by the mayor of Epuyén, Antonio Reato, who indicated that starting on Tuesday, the new medication will be delivered by the specialists among the patients. The pill can help accelerate the recovery of those infected who are already under observation or in intermediate therapy rooms at health centers. "

However, Pizzi denied that information from his twitter account: "There is no therapeutic line developed at the Malbrán Institute to accelerate the recovery of patients with hantavirus"

Pizzi also highlighted the joint work between the Ministry of Health and the Melbrán Institute since the beginning of the outbreak.

Consulted in the air of FM EL CHUBUT 90.1, the Minister of Health clarified that today there is no specific treatment for the disease and that "if there were a technology that applies to these cases, we would have been the first to go and look for it".

"That does not mean there are no lines of research," Pizzi added, recalling that the decision appealed was to specific respiratory isolation to cut this outbreak.

Regarding the statements of the mayor of Epuyén, the minister explained that a misunderstanding could have occurred due to the complexity of the topic, with very technical information, as opposed to the theoretical ignorance of the community in general.

"He is a person with whom we are working very closely, I speak every day, not belonging to the medical world, of science, or of epidemiology, he listened and transmitted something that for us is very difficult to communicate to the community in general, because behind this there are very specific things, "said Pizzi.

"We were a little alarmed to see that this information came in. Last night at 12:30 I received a call from the director of the Malbrán Institute, worried about the news, telling me that they are not developing any therapeutic line. The scientific community knows that today there is no specific treatment for the disease. (…) The information can get a little messy because there are investigations that revolve around the hantavirus, "said Pizzi.



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