Ministry allocates 66 million to schools: more laboratories, innovative teaching for STEM subjects, resources for digital animators

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The Undersecretary of Education Barbara Floridia (M5S) on the decree for the allocation of the PNSD resources for the digital school for the year 2021 stresses that these resources will serve to give a great impulse to the innovation and digitization of the Italian school. The Ecological Transition will also benefit, as the two transformations are closely linked.

The allocation of resources, decided by the Ministry of Education, takes into account the particular needs that have emerged particularly in the last year and the direction in which the world is headed in terms of work, training and society: innovation. The ministry allocates more than 66 million euros for investments both at the infrastructural level and in the enhancement of digital skills.

Undersecretary Floridia, with responsibility for digital citizenship, partially illustrates the destination of the funds in question: “The most important part of the resources, 51.7 million euros, will be used to equip educational institutions with laboratory spaces and digital tools suitable for supporting curricular learning and teaching of STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). This measure transposes – he is keen to emphasize – one of the EU recommendations that emerged during the management of the pandemic: the need to improve digital skills. There are important disparities in Italy that must be closed and which must be taken into account, not only from a territorial point of view but also from a gender point of view: we still have a too low average of women employed as scientists and engineers, only 400,000 women in the scientific field against about double (760,000) of male colleagues. This disparity obviously starts at school and we are taking action to overcome it”.

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The Undersecretary adds: “8 million euros will also be allocated to the figures of digital animators present in each school. 4.1 million will be used to enhance students’ digital skills through innovative teaching methodologies capable of creating digital curricula, with particular reference to STEM disciplines”.

There are also resources destined for the development of the culture of digital education in schools. I can only be proud of the way in which it was decided to allocate the important resources available to the PNSD. We are building a new school, which can allow Italian students to compete at the highest levels in the world of work and to contribute to the sustainable development of our country which needs to accelerate on innovation, digital and young people”Concludes Undersecretary for Education Barbara Floridia.



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