Ministry of Culture: an official inciting women to urinate before him indicted


Ten years after the first accusations about his evil behavior, a senior official of the Ministry of Culture was indicted in late October, reveals Thursday Liberation.

At the end of May, Le Canard chained already denounced the actions of this man, suspected of having slipped diuretics in the drinks of candidates during interviews and sometimes forcing them to urinate in front of him.

"Administration of harmful substance", "sexual assault by person abusing the authority conferred by his function", "invasion of privacy", "drug law offenses" … the list of facts he is accused by justice is long. After his indictment, he was placed under judicial control.

A list of 200 names

The official, who served as deputy regional director for cultural affairs in the Greater East region, before joining the human resources of the Rue de Valois, also photographed the legs of several young women.

It is besides this sordid through which precipitated its fall: in June, while it is in meeting with the sub-prefect of Moselle, Christian N. is seen by a colleague photographing his interlocutor under the table . The witness denounces his actions to his superiors and justice is seized. An investigation was opened last January.

The grievor, however, would have similar behavior for nearly 10 years. Attests a chilling list. From 2009 until 2018, when he was "withdrawn" in the "interest of his service" before being dismissed, the suspect recorded nearly 200 names, along with comments and photos in an Excel file. He recounts in an abrupt way the reactions of young women when, victims of the diuretic that he makes them absorb, they have no choice but to urinate, sometimes in front of him.

"A trauma "

With Liberation, who has gathered several testimonies, his victims speak of a "trauma", having crossed the road of this individual to the reputation, according to one of them, of "dragger and runner". It is the article duck chained end of May, which would have finally pushed some of his victims to file a complaint, also points the newspaper.

"I urinated on the floor, almost at his feet. I was humiliated and ashamed, "says one of them, recalling a job interview with Christian N., who has, sadly, officiated at the High Council for Equality between Women and Women. men between 2013 and 2015. "After a while, the desire is too strong, I ask a technical break," slip another of these candidates. "I lowered my pants and panties, and I urinated. Meanwhile, he was holding his coat in front of me to hide and look at my face. "

One of them was even hospitalized for four days because of a severe urinary tract infection.

"It was compulsive"

"I did not think that the diuretic could cause medical problems," tries to justify the person. Contacted by the newspaper, Christian N. assumes part of the facts, but claims to have intoxicated "only" "ten or twenty" young women. "I wish we had stopped before. It was compulsive, but I did not want to poison these women, "he says.

How could he have been an officer for so long without his leadership taking action against him? One of his victims, however, ensures that Libération wrote two letters in 2016 to Fleur Pellerin and Audrey Azoulay, who succeeded at the head of the ministry that year, to denounce his actions. Both have remained a dead letter.


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