Ministry of Finance civil servants swerve in the children’s toy business, penetrating the US to Europe


Dian Rizki Hidayati, a woman who lives in Lampung, can be said to have accidentally built a business. However, the business that was built accidentally is now generating a turnover of up to hundreds of millions per month.

Dian built a children’s educational toy business called Littlemonq around February 2020, or just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Indonesia. Before going into business, Dian admitted that she was interested in early childhood education. Moreover, in 2019 his son was 1 year old.

“So I participated in many seminars, read articles, participated in Montessori training. Montessori is rich in early childhood education methods,” he explained to as written Thursday (26/5/2022).

To support the child’s education method, Dian bought children’s toys. Incidentally, most of the toys to support the Montessori education method are imported.

“Finally looking for it from abroad, imports from abroad, recommended brands,” he said.

Dian did find a locally made toy that was also good for children’s development. However, most of the quality is not good, there are still many sharp edges and corners, and the wood is not smooth.

After buying various toys from outside, Dian thought to make the toys herself. Most of these toys are made of wood, but have their own standards.

“After buying from outside for my son, I thought about making my own. Looking for wood craftsmen who can make wooden toys, I designed them first, I gave them, ‘You can’t make it like this, but you don’t have to color it, I color it myself’,” he explained.

Littlemonq Foto: Littlemonq (Istimewa/Littlemonq)

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Admittedly, finding a suitable craftsman is not an easy matter. There are those who refuse because it may be too small in size or too detailed.

However, Dian finally found a craftsman willing to work on her project. After the wood was formed, Dian received the toy in a colorless form. Next, he colored it himself and the result was close to the toy he bought from outside.

After that, a business idea emerged. Apparently, the products he produces can be sold.

“After that I thought about whether I should try to sell it. Yes, I’ve tried to sell it, it turns out that it can be sold,” he added.

LittlemonqLittlemonq Foto: Littlemonq (Istimewa/Littlemonq)

Dian disbursed initial capital of around Rp. 10 million. He used that capital to buy wood and dye. He doesn’t buy a lot of tools because he’s partnered with craftsmen.

In marketing, he utilizes a number of online store networks, including websites at, Tokopedia at Littlemonq and Shopee at Littlemonq. The products sold also vary in price, from the cheapest Rp. 29,900 to the most expensive Rp. 1.6 million.

This 2-year-old business is growing fast. How not, these toys have flown to various countries from the United States, Japan, Germany, Luxembourg to Australia.

Last year alone, export sales dominated with a portion of up to 60% and the rest was domestic. Last year, he pocketed an average turnover of IDR 100 million per month.

LittlemonqLittlemonq Foto: Littlemonq (Istimewa/Littlemonq)

In line with the development of the business, Dian left her job as a civil servant at the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) in December 2021. Dian herself was appointed as a civil servant at the Ministry of Finance in November 2014.

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In addition to focusing on business, Dian is willing to give up her position as a civil servant so that she has flexible time and can focus on taking care of her children.

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