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| | – The virus named G4 EA H1N1, abbreviated as G4 and known as swine flu, is of concern to scientists because it has the potential to become a pandemic as does the corona virus that causes Covid-19.

Because, it is feared the G4 virus can grow and develop in cells in the human respiratory tract.

The Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Health is aware of the possibility of swine flu attacks on humans by continuing to conduct surveillance, so be aware of the various possibilities that occur.

“Our surveillance is still a way to monitor possibilities about it. To detect possible cases in people or officers, workers who work on farms (pig farms). That is actually the realm of the Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture),” said Director of the Prevention and Control of Vector Contagious Diseases and Zoonotic of the Ministry of Health Siti Nadia Tarmizi, quoted from Among, Thursday (2/7/2020).

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Reports from Chinese scientists say that the strain or strain new influenza virus G4 has the potential to spread from animals to humans (zoonosis). Ministry of Health is also wary of that.

In addition to conducting surveillance, said Nadia, the Ministry of Health has the task and function of informing the possibility of case finding in people who have the flu in a particular population, for example, workers on a pig farm.

“Then by the Health Center together with the Animal Husbandry Department together conducting epidemiological studies if in an area there might be,” he said.

However, to date, neither the Ministry of Health nor the Ministry of Health have found a potential attack of the new strain of swine flu, both in animals and the potential for transmission from animals to humans.

“We have no such report yet,” Nadia said.

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Nadia said, the virus is basically a self limiting desease. That is, sufferers of this disease can heal by itself.

In addition, according to him, swine flu has also been declared a normal flu by the World Health Organization (WHO). There is already a vaccine for animals.

“The vaccine already exists. So yes first the animal vaccine, because of swine flu, influenza in animals of course there is already a vaccine,” said Nadia.

“Then vaccines in humans, if necessary. Actually (for prevention) the standards are the same, washing hands, carrying out practices for prevention and so on,” he said.

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Nadia asserted, the key to preventing this case from becoming a pandemic is surveillance. During road surveillance, this is not a problem.

“Because until now there have been no cases. That is, we see cases in humans there have been no reports. But also in animal cases we have not received reports from the Ministry of Agriculture,” Nadia said.

Previously, the Directorate General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health of the Ministry of Agriculture explained that the African or swine fever virus African swine fever (ASF) found in Indonesia is different from the swine flu virus (swine flu)

“The case of disease in pigs in Indonesia at this time is ASF and not swine flu,” the Director General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health of the Ministry of Agriculture Ketut Diarmita I said here on Wednesday.



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