Ministry of Health of Russia did not establish a temporary moratorium on abortion operations. About it agency TASS the press service of the ministry said. Related materials 00:04 – 5th of April “The agency sent to the regions an information letter with a request to support the conduct of the action. “Give me life!” is educational and there are no indications of an increase in the duration of the so-called “days of silence”, “the Ministry of Health explained. August 3 mass media learned , that the Ministries of Health of Primorye Territory, Yakutia and Ryazan Region decided to introduce a temporary moratorium on abortion. The ban lasts from July 31 to August 3. “Days of Silence” – a period of two to seven days from the time a woman turns to a medical institution, during which she can change her mind and refuse to terminate her pregnancy. In 2012, doctors were given the right to refuse to conduct an abortion on religious beliefs in accordance with article 70, paragraph 3, “The attending physician” of the law “On the fundamentals of protecting the health of citizens in Russia.” In April, it became known that a resident of Stary Oskol (Belgorod region) sent for “permission” for abortion to the clergy: without his signature in the bypass sheet, she was refused to interrupt the pregnancy. More important news in the Telegram channel «The ribbon of the day» . Subscribe!


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