Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation plans to tighten legislation on HIV infection


Moscow , 16 April 2018 , 14:52 – REGNUM Advocating for non-treatment of HIV and disseminating information about “HIV-related dissidence” can become administratively punishable. A corresponding draft of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has been published on the federal portal of draft normative legal acts. According to the text of the document, such violations can be punished with a fine of up to 50 thousand rubles. Let us note that the draft law was prepared within the framework of the state strategy on combating the spread of the immunodeficiency virus in Russia. In case of adoption, the normative act will come into force in January 2019. The bill should amend the Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO), according to which violators will be subject to administrative punishment. For individuals, it can be two to three thousand rubles, for officials – from five to ten thousand rubles, for legal entities – 20-50 thousand rubles, or suspension of activities for up to 90 days. It is noted that the bill should amend three federal laws on the prevention of the spread of HIV in the territory of the Russian Federation. In FZ-38 “On the prevention of the spread of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus” an article will be introduced about the inadmissibility of disseminating information containing calls for refusal of medical examination, prevention and diagnosis of HIV infection. In FZ-149 “On Information Technologies” and in the Federal Law “On Mass Media” additions will be made – it is planned to expand the Unified Register of Domain Names and Addresses Containing Information Prohibited to Dissemination. Recall, the phenomenon of “HIV-dissidence” – the problem for Russia is not new. In September 2017, a 10-year-old girl died in St. Petersburg, which parents refused to cure for human immunodeficiency virus for religious reasons. Medical workers and social workers tried to persuade the parents of the child, but they refused to give medicine to their daughter. Parents agreed to treatment the year before the death of the child, the girl entered the hospital, but it was too late. Read also: The case of the death of a girl in St. Petersburg due to AIDS Let’s add, on January 31, 2018 in the Tyumen region for six months of imprisonment the so-called HIV-dissident, convicted of the death of a sick daughter, was convicted. According to the investigation, a 34-year-old local resident from November 2013 was informed that she had a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in her blood, but after her birth in June 2014, her daughter ignored the doctors’ recommendations for treatment, and continued breastfeeding. Read also: The mother who did not treat her daughter from HIV was sentenced to six months As a result, according to the information of the department, it was not possible to identify the presence of HIV in a timely manner and to prescribe a treatment. The death of her young daughter came from HIV in April 2017.


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