Ministry of Health proposed fining for the propaganda of HIV-dissidence


The Ministry of Health has drafted a bill banning the promotion of refusal to treat HIV. Document published on the federal portal of draft normative legal acts.

For the dissemination of information about HIV-dissidence (denial of the existence of HIV) a fine of 2-3 thousand rubles is provided. for individuals, 5-10 thousand – for officials and up to 50 thousand rubles. for legal entities. In the latter case, administrative suspension of activities for up to ninety days with the confiscation of the subject of an administrative offense is also possible.

If adopted, the law will begin to operate in January 2019.

In early April, the Investigation Committee aroused the case of the death of a four-month-old daughter of an HIV-infected woman. Doctors reported that the girl died from pneumocystis pneumonia, which is observed mainly in HIV and AIDS-infected people and is caused by a yeast-like fungus. The investigation found that the mother refused to treat herself and her daughter from HIV. The woman has been sick for a long time, but denies the existence of the human immunodeficiency virus and refused chemoprophylaxis during labor, as well as examination and treatment of the newborn. The woman believes that the child died because of the doctors who “healed” him.

In the summer of 2017, the chief specialist of the Ministry of Health for HIV Eugene Voronin declared that parents who deny the existence of HIV and AIDS need to seize children, and suggested that this initiative be formalized in legislation.


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