Ministry of Health proposes change for EPS in Colombia and hospitals in health reform

According to statements collected by W Radio, the Minister of Health, Carolina Corcho, stated what the key points of the health reform that would be presented to Congress next year.

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According to Cork, what would be sought is for the EPS to become health service provider networks.

“The proposal that the government makes to the EPS is to become health service provider networksto stop being a judge and a party with vertical integration, since the EPS have their own IPS and hire themselves” affirmed Minister Corcho.

This would be a new consideration that once again questions the role of the EPS in the future reform since, as was known in previous weeks in a draft proposal revealed by the Diario Criterio, the Government omits the functionality of the EPS and would be looking for another health care approach for Colombians.

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Likewise, on her Twitter account, the minister proposed a change in the name of the country’s public hospitals, which would be the base point of her reform.

Key points in the health reform

Corcho also referred to what would be the fundamental points of his health proposal, among which the following stand out:

  • Free health care.
  • Creation of health posts and Primary Care Centers.
  • End to financial and administrative intermediation.
  • Elimination of discrimination between regimes.
  • Ensure the movement of medical teams to the territories.

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According to minsalud, details are already being finalized in the proposal and The Petro Government’s health reform is expected to be ready to be presented on February 16, 2023.