Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg

In view of the extremely tense pandemic situation and the sharp rise in infection levels in many circles, the corona requirements for study operations in Baden-Württemberg also had to be supplemented. “We are doing everything we can to maintain the face-to-face study that has just been regained for the students,” said Science Minister Theresia Bauer today (Thursday) in Stuttgart.

From today (November 25, 2021) onwards, there is a general obligation to wear medical masks inside the universities. From next Monday (November 29, 2021), in the case of the newly inserted Corona alarm level II, students will have to present proof of vaccination or recovery (2G) for courses. Exceptions apply to events that must be carried out in person: For laboratory internships, examinations or the use of libraries, the tested will continue to have access (3G). The universities are requested to take suitable measures to ensure that non-immunized students who cannot take part in the face-to-face events are able to study, such as written teaching materials.

In addition, the universities were instructed to expand and sanction the controls to ensure compliance with the applicable rules. The possibility of random checks had to be restricted for alert level I and suspended for alert level II.

In view of the dramatically increasing incidence values, 3G has now also been ordered for the use of the canteens and cafeterias.

Theresia Bauer expressly praised the sometimes very high vaccination rate among the students as well as among the teaching staff and employees of the universities of in some places more than 90 percent immunized: “This is a signal from the students that learning together, the common discourse and, to a certain extent, normality is obviously very valuable on campus. We don’t want to have to send them back to the loneliness in front of the screens. “The minister also called for adherence to the stricter rules:” I can say in no uncertain terms: violations of the regulations are not peculiar offenses. They endanger the maintenance of the presence that everyone wants. Stick to the rules. And get vaccinated if you haven’t already. ”

The following new rules apply at universities:

Alert level I nationwide intensive care beds utilization of more than 390 corona patients OR 7-day hospitalization rate from 3)

  • Mask compulsory indoors, even at a distance of 1.5 meters
  • Up-to-date test records from non-immunized students (3G)
  • Full control for events with fewer than 50 participants, random checks (at least 10 percent) for larger events
  • 3G rule in canteens and cafeterias

Alert level II (nationwide intensive care bed occupancy of more than 450 corona patients OR 7-day hospitalization incidence of 6 or more)

  • Mask compulsory indoors, even at a distance of 1.5 meters
  • 2G rule for students (vaccinated, recovered)
  • 3G rule for practical events, especially laboratory events, and exams as well as in libraries
  • Full control
  • 3G rules in canteens and cafeterias

In a letter to the universities, Theresia Bauer recently again pointed out her motivation not to switch to largely online operations again: “It’s about the future of many young people,” said the minister. “You cannot go through an entire course of study without having experienced the university to a significant extent in person.”

Additional Information:

The current Corona regulation for study operations can be found on the website of the Ministry of Science.

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