MINSAP seals a ‘health’ business to manage a hotel with a Canadian pro-Castro company

The Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos SA and the Canadian Mercantile Society Cubaheal Medical Tourism Inc., related to the Cuban Government, signed on Friday a contract for the administration of the Aparthotel Ortop of the Frank País International Orthopedic Scientific Complex on the Island.

It is the “first contract of the International Economic Association in the modality of provision of services of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP)”, according to the official website of MINSAP.

The business document states “link the business sector of health and services with a source of foreign financing“.

The essence of the contract, according to official information, “lies in the use of the services of the Ortop Aparthotel under the modality of student residence, which may also be used as academic or assistance accommodation“.

Cubaheal has documented its interest in expanding the capacities of the student residence in this center or outside of it. They also project the marketing of well-being and quality of life programs for the elderly and patients who wish to be treated Cuba“adds MINSAP.

Cubaheal is presented on its official website as “a global organization specialized in facilitating medical treatments, providing medical education services, as well as patient and student care in the Republic of Cuba. “

It is declared “faithful supporter of the Republic of Cuba, the Cuban people, the Cuban Revolution and the Cuban revolutionary leadership“.

The mercantile society says that “works with government healthcare providers, the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba and officials of the Government of the Republic of Cuba to offer the highest quality healthcare options at the most reasonable prices. “

Cubaheal is in charge of selling products and services offered by the Cuban Government in the facilities dedicated to health tourism, “all at an extremely affordable cost,” as advertised on its official website.

The MINSAP note adds that the Frank País International Orthopedic Scientific Complex was founded for orthopedic, trauma, reconstructive and rehabilitative surgery of the osteo-myoneuro-articular system in Cuba.

The business between the Cuban state company and the commercial association related to the Government was signed by the President of the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos, Dr. Yamila de Armas Águila and the president of Cubaheal, Wael Saad Eddin Gharbiyeh.

Present at the signing of the contract were the First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Ana Teresita González Fraga; the vice ministers of health Regla Angulo Pardo and Luis Fernando Navarro Martínez; the director of the Orthopedic Frank País, Roberto González Martínez, and the director of North Africa and the Middle East of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Héctor Igarza.