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MINUTE-BY-MINUTE: Abrams indicates the outflow is likely. Kemp still talking to supporters

ATLANTA – Georgian voters opted for a series of important races in the election, including the heavy showdown for the governor between Democrat Stacey Abrams, Republican Brian Kemp and Libertarian Ted Metz.

Until 14 o'clock no winner was known.

Below you will find exact updates:

Channel 2 Action News This morning starts earlier than usual on Wednesday. Join Fred Blankenship and Linda Stouffer at 4am.


02:02 clock: Brian Kemp speaks to his supporters:

1:45: Stacey Abrams suggests that a runoff is likely. She says that voters get a "do-over".

1:40 clock: Stacey Abrams speaks to supporters:

1:14 clock: Stacey Abrams & # 39; Campaign Manager said Abrams will join their supporters over the next 20 minutes.

1:04 am: More districts in Fulton County come in:

12:47 clock: Kemp retains just over 51% of the votes in 94% of district reports.

12:23 pm: With 92% of the votes Kemp continues to lead.

12:14: With 91% of the votes, the gap between Kemp and Abrams had decreased even further:

11:55 clock: With 89% coverage, the race between Kemp and Abrams has narrowed.

11:48 am: Kemp remains ahead with 53%

11:46 am: About 86% of the governor's votes are now in:

11:27 am: With 83% of the votes Kemp holds his leadership:

11:24 clock: More of the vote came from Cobb County:

11:16 am: With 79% of the votes Kemps has a lead over Abrams:

11:01 clock: DeKalb numbers have started:

10:53 clock: Still 0% of the districts reporting in Cobb and DeKalb counties:

10:35 am: Channel 2 Dave Huddleston tweets – Photo by Brian Kemp looking at the election results:

10:24 clock: Kemp holds 65% of the vote with 55%

10:20 am: Brian Kemp is ready to get more votes than Gov. Deal:

10:06 am: With 57% reporting, Kemp remains 55% ahead

9:48 am: First Lady Sandra Deal spoke at the headquarters of the Kemp campaign:

21:46 clock: With around 51% coverage, Kemp retains the lead:

21:43 clock: Nathan Deal has arrived at Kemp Campaign Party:

21:33 clock: Kemp's margin improves to only 11% with 40%

21:24 clock: Kemp seems to have taken Banks County:

9:09 clock: 28% reporting, Kemp continues:

9:06 am: With 24% coverage Kemp leads with 60% of the votes

9 clock: Gwinnett Early Vote Total is in. Abrams won big with the early vote:

20:55 clock: With 19% coverage Kemp currently holds 59% of the votes:

8:47 pm: With 17% reports, Kemp is a leader in governor races:

8:41 clock: With 14% coverage, Kemp continues to be ahead of Abrams:

8:32 am: Election periods have been extended at three county locations in Fulton County:

8:18 am: Stacey Abrams has taken over another county:

8:16 am: At the Kemp Watch Party in Athens, the space begins to fill up:

8:15 pm: With 2% of the votes Kemp already has an early lead in the race for the governor:

19:50 clock: Channel 2 Dave Huddleston announces that the Kemp party is expected soon:

19:42 clock: With 5% of votes in Henry County, the company is currently leaning toward Kemp:

19:37 clock: Right now, Twiggs County is about Abrams

19:36 clock: At present three rural regions in Georgia are designated for Kemp:

19:33 clock: Richard Elliot says long lines of people are waiting to get into the Stacey Abrams Wake Party:

19:31 clock: The first election results for the Georgian governor race have begun.

19 o'clock: Polls have been closed at most call centers throughout the state. Some were expanded due to problems earlier in the day

Earlier in the day:

Channel 2 Dave Huddleston spent the day with the Kemp campaign. Kemp told Huddleston that he feels good when the campaign comes to an end.

Kemp, with his family, voted on Tuesday afternoon at his polling station in Winterville, just outside Athens.

[PHOTOS: Georgia voters pack polls for highly-anticipated midterm elections]

He said the campaign took him to every county in the state and he understood the Georgian people as he called it by common sense with less state and conservative values.

Kemp also had some voting problems. When he tried to vote, his voting card said "invalid." He had to go back and get another card.

Despite claims for voter irregularities and problems, Huddleston Kemp asked if he thought he should have stepped down as Secretary of State to apply for governorship.


We have been on the offensive, we have made progress and you can not deal with politics, we just have to ask every day whether it was a good day or a bad one Day, "said Kemp.

Kemp followers will meet in Athens as soon as the polls close at 19.00.

Abrams and her campaign will be watching the results at a downtown Atlanta hotel.

Channel 2 political reporter Richard Elliot spent the day with Abrams campaign. She started in Buena Vista, then went to Columbus and worked her way back to the Metro Atlanta.

[Long lines, voting issues reported at polling places across metro Atlanta]

On Tuesday afternoon, Abrams campaigned for the popular Busy Bee restaurant in southwest Atlanta.
She was there with Rev. Jesse Jackson, who ran for president in 1988.

Abrams said she knows there are long queues at polling stations, but she urges her followers to stay in those ranks and vote

"We had a bit of trouble. We know that we had trouble choosing places, but I need people to know that they have to stay in line. Do not let problems get you out of hand. As long as you're in line, if the polls close at 19.00, you can vote and we need your support, "Abrams Elliot said.

Abrams was one of nearly 2.1 million Georgians who voted early.

If none of the candidates receives the majority vote, a runoff vote will be made on 4 December.

Much depends on Performance of the libertarian candidate Metz.

If the electoral space between Kemp and Abrams is close enough, even a small percentage of votes for Metz could force the two major party candidates into a runoff.

60-year-old Metz is a retired insurance agent and financial planner whose campaign focuses on promoting industrial hemp.

This report uses the information provided by the Associated Press



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