Miracle boy defeated cancer without drugs

Miracle boy defeated cancer without drugs

Eight-year-old Julian Malankowski managed to defeat cancer in
terminal stage. Doctors unanimously assert that a miracle happened.
The family of Julian doctors said that their son is doomed – treatment
did not yield results. The boy was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis “acute
lymphoblastic leukemia “back in 2011. This is one of the most dangerous species
cancer of the blood. The disease receded thrice – Julian was helped by courses
chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation from a donor from the United States. However, the cancer returned in 2017. The family was told that the boy would not live to see Christmas. “We could not believe it, we were told for months that we need to prepare for the worst,” said the mother of the boy Aneta Malankovski. However, a miracle occurred: the results of blood tests gradually
began to improve. Doctors did not believe their eyes and decided to study the bone marrow. AT
the result of a miracle even the most experienced oncologists began to speak – the level of cancer cells decreased in
twice. This case is recognized as unique. Gostrie leukemia: any prospects for the ill? Detail: https://t.co/KSzuI9pBeH # leukemia # gastric_leukiasis # leukemia pic.twitter.com/en9YpgjqEn – zdorov-info.com.ua (@zdorov_info) November 8, 2017
Julian is in the Children’s Hospital of British Manchester.
Cancer has changed: doctors diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia, and this
curable. The boy is preparing for another
course of chemotherapy, and after – to a new bone marrow transplantation. Aneta is sure that her son was helped by a special diet, which includes milk thistle,
alkaline water and fresh juices, writes Life.ru.

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