“Miracle of bare hands”… Citizens who witnessed the accident, SUV ‘flashes’ in 80 seconds (video)

Citizens of Ulsan saved the trapped driver by straightening a car accident that fell on its side.

According to the Ulsan Police Agency on the 23rd, a traffic accident occurred at an intersection in Dong-gu, Ulsan on the morning of the 21st. The accident caused the vehicle to roll over on its side, trapping the driver inside the vehicle. Witnesses to the accident reported to 112 that “a car accident just happened” or “a traffic accident occurred, but the car overturned.”

Citizens gathered around the fallen vehicle. There were 14 people nearby, including a citizen driving a vehicle, a citizen riding a motorcycle, and a citizen walking on the sidewalk. They shouted slogans of “one, two, three” and joined forces to set up a compact sports utility vehicle (SUV) right away. It took only about 80 seconds from the occurrence of the accident for the citizens to immediately stop the vehicle weighing more than 1 ton.

After receiving a report, firefighters rushed to the scene and transported the driver who was trapped in the vehicle to the hospital. The driver complained of chest pain at the scene, but it was reported that his life was not affected.

Police investigated the accident at the scene. A police official said, “Citizens who lifted a compact SUV that turned over 90 degrees with their bare hands in about 80 seconds after the accident occurred” and “Thank you to the citizens who ran without hesitation and created a miracle with their bare hands.” reporter Jung Bong-oh [email protected]