Miracle Rescue: Four Children Found Alive After 40 Days in the Jungle of Guaviare

After 40 days lost in the thick jungle of Guaviare, Military Forces confirm the rescue of the four children lost after a plane crash on May 1.

Lesly Mucutuy Soleiny Mucutuy, Tien Noriel Ronoque Mucutuy and Cristin Neriman Ranoque Mucutuy are already with the authorities.

The news was made possible thanks to the coordinated work of nearly 30 official entities and more than 350 people, including commandos from the National Army and the same indigenous community that did not rest until they found them.

So far it is known that the minors are being cared for by the military, as they show signs of malnutrition.

For his part, the President Gustavo Petro wait for the announcement.

Telemedellín spoke with Army sources, who confirmed that a helicopter from the Assault and Aviation Division of the Armed Forces is on its way for the children.

These are the photos that show the rescue of children in Guaviare.

Miracle! Photos that show the rescue of children in Guaviare

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2023-06-10 03:48:44

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