Miraculously, a 57-year-old woman gives birth to triplets after 34 years of marriage


Hajia Rasheedat Folashade Ayinde, a 57-year-old woman in Nigeria who gave birth to triplets despite being declared menopausal. Photo/New Telegraph

I LOVED it – Miracles experienced by a 57-year-old woman in Nigeria. She gave birth to triplets after 34 years of marriage and was declared menopausal.

The happy woman’s name is Hajia Rasheedat Folashade Ayinde, originally from Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Despite having been declared menopause, Ayinde did not give up. He kept trying and praying for offspring to be given.

His efforts and prayers were not in vain. On May 21, 2022, she gave birth to triplets—two boys and one girl—at MEBCLEV Hospital, Basin Road, Ilorin. He was treated by doctor Omokanye LO

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Ayinde was previously a Principal at Government Day Secondary School, Sango, in Ilorin. He then retired from the local state government employee in 2021.

She and her husband named their three twin babies; Nana Aishat Taiyelolu, Muhammad Awwal Kehinde and Abdulrasak Eta.

A miracle

Interestingly, it is scientifically explained that after menopause, a woman can no longer produce eggs and therefore cannot conceive naturally, except through the use of donor eggs.

Even though Ayinde gave birth to the baby by cesarean section, her conception—as revealed and verified by the media—was natural, and not with the help of any donor egg.