Mirchev: Pensions will be increased by about 20% – Politics – Bulgaria – Hello, Bulgaria

On Friday, the DB demanded from the parliamentary rostrum “measures for the deputinization of Bulgaria”

Pensions will be increased by about 20% from July 1. This will be finally announced today as part of the economic package. This was announced to NOVA by the MP from “Democratic Bulgaria” Ivaylo Mirchev.

The increase in pensions is also related to the elimination of COVID supplements, which, according to Mirchev, “distort the entire pension model.” He added that a total of 12 measures will be announced today.

Regarding the discount on fuel, Ivaylo Mirchev said that at this stage the proposal for 25 stotinki per liter remains. Most likely, they will be given after showing an ID card.

Earlier, he said zero energy dependence on Russia was possible. On Friday, Democratic Bulgaria demanded from the parliamentary rostrum “measures for the deputinization of Bulgaria”. The chairman of the General Assembly Hristo Ivanov read a declaration proposing priorities and measures to be included in the government’s management program and in the legislative program of the ruling majority.

Asked whether the coalition “does not break the coalition pick” in this way, Mirchev said that they simply uphold principles.

“The fact that Cornelia Ninova and the BSP consider Russia and the Putin regime to be friends of Bulgaria is worrying. We are trying to explain to them that Putin’s Russia cannot be a friend of Bulgaria. We stand for principles, we do not use hoes. We rely on our partners to have common sense, “Mirchev said.

“Our main focus is zero energy dependence on Russia, and that is possible. There is a real plan of action, not wringing hands, “the MP added.