Miri debate in Bundestag: Seehofer laughs broken – Austria threatens


After the re-entry of the Bremen clan chief Ibrahim Miri a current hour was convened in the Bundestag. The debate caused amusement – even with the Interior Minister.

  • Horst Seehofer and the government in Berlin no longer want to tolerate asylum abuse.
  • Above all, the return of the Bremen clan boss Miri now ensures a rethink.
  • The result: The interior minister takes action.

Update from November 9, 2019, 9:45 am: On Friday it was announced that Ibrahim Miri, the head of the Miri clan, no asylum is received in Germany. At the request of the FDP, a current session entitled "Enforcement of the rule of law in the case of Ibrahim Miri" took place in the Bundestag, in which the deportation was discussed. While Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer praised the procedure in the case, he had to submit to criticism from the ranks of the FDP. Among other things, they criticized the work of the Ministry of the Interior.

Seehofer received unexpected support from another party. Because Friedrich Straetmans of the Left Group stressed that also in the case of Miri, the rule of law must apply. And further: "Who would have thought that Horst Seehofer once must be protected from right-wing attacks from the ranks of the FDP of us," said the MP, shows focus.de. He also made the Minister of the Interior laugh.

Consequence from return of the clan chief: Austria threatens with driving bans – Seehofer reacts

Update from November 8, 2019, 15.05 clock: Austria's fears of longer traffic jams as a result of stricter controls at German borders are loud Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer unfounded. "My recent decision to strengthen police controls at internal borders has no effect on border controls at the German-Austrian border. The local control practice currently requires no adjustment, as the results show, "said the CSU politician on Friday in Berlin.

From January to September 2019 are at the German-Austrian border 4225 people have been rejected. "The concern now expressed about changed measures is unfounded. The checks will continue to be carried out in such a way that cross-border traffic will only be impaired to the absolute minimum, "said Seehofer. He announced that Germany would continue to coordinate closely with Austria.

The Austrian province of Salzburg, on the other hand, fears more congestion and avoidance traffic because of the sharper border controls recently initiated by Seehofer. It threatened for the case as a precaution with this week Driving bans on rural roads and the Blocking of motorway exits,

Seehofer had reacted with the controls on the illegal re-entry of the recently deported clan chief Ibrahim Miri. The Minister of the Interior also announced on Friday the decision of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees on Miri's asylum application.

After Miris return – police confirmed: Seehofer's plan applies immediately

Update from November 7, 2019, 6:50 pm: Now there is the official confirmation: The Federal police sets the of Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) immediate effect of increased controls at German borders. As the authority announced on Thursday in Potsdam, the control and investigation measures are already expanded and intensified. People with re-entry bans for Germany will therefore be rejected at checks on all German borders in the future – even if they want to make new asylum applications.

The focus of the controls will sooner be more often directly at the borders, explained the Federal Police. According to this, "traffic routes frequently used for illegal migration should be given special consideration". This concerns "in the presence of appropriate situation knowledge in addition to land connections also sea-side traffic routes and intra-Schengen flights".

Consequence of return of the clan boss: Now Seehofer's bang hard plan applies

Update from November 7, 2019, 16:44: Only one day after Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CDU) have introduced its drastic innovations to tackle illegal entry, they are already in force. The reentry of the previously deported Lebanese clan chief Miri leads to a turnaround in German domestic politics – and this is also promptly implemented.

The plan is effective immediately and is already being implemented by the Federal Police. That reports the image-Newspaper. As a result, all people who immigrate to Germany illegally despite entry restrictions, can already be rejected at the German borders. Anyone who crosses the border and applies for asylum must remain in detention pending a decision on asylum asylum.

Deported clan boss Miri: Seehofer draws drastic consequence – Austria threatens motorists

Message of November 6,
17:20: The harsher border controls initiated by Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) cause new excitement in the traffic dispute between Germany and Austria. The Austrian province of Salzburg has threatened driving bans on rural roads and the blocking of motorway exits should the tightened border controls lead to longer traffic jams.

"If we realize that the controls lead to more congestion and avoidance traffic, then we will respond in any case. We are prepared ", said the responsible for traffic Salzburg state councilor Stefan Schnöll (ÖVP) on Wednesday the ORF.

Seehofer: Deported clan boss Miri back – Minister of the Interior rigorously

Update 14:51: Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) is already known from his days as the Bavarian Prime Minister for calling on the Federal Government to impose tough border controls. His drastic action against illegal entry and abusive asylum applications is therefore not surprising. The ingenious concept of the Minister of the Interior is now also receiving a positive response from the police trade unions.

A mixture of flexible border checks and an expansion of the Schleierfahndung are "for a filter function in the border area optimal," said Jörg Radek, at the Union of Police (GdP) Chairman of the Federal Police, on Wednesday the German Press Agency.

After reentry of deported clan boss Miri Seehofer draws drastic consistency

Message of 6th November: Berlin – Berlin does not want to be fooled. In the debate about the re-entry and the asylum application of the previously deported Clan chiefs Ibrahim Miri plans Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) According to a newspaper report, therefore, a sharper crackdown on illegal entry and abusive asylum applications.

"The case Miri is a litmus test for the defensive democracy. If the rule of law does not prevail here, the population loses confidence in our whole asylum system"said Seehofer the imageNewspaper from Wednesday.

Horst Seehofer reaches for re-entry of deported clan boss Miri from Bremen

The consequence: Seehofer intervenes. The police are from Wednesday on nationwide to more controls at external and internal borders dependent, reported the image citing a plan Seehofer, The goal is the detection of people who want to enter the Federal Republic despite entry ban. "The Federal Police should carry out flexible checks at all German borders," said Seehofer.

According to information of image this even means: on rural roads, checkpoints at the borders can be expected and the fog detection should be extended. Anyone who wants to cross the border despite an existing entry ban will be rejected immediately. Who despite entry lock asylum urge them to stay in Germany like Miri should be arrested in the future. Illegal entry was imprisoned for up to three years.

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Clan boss Miri returned – Seehofer's plan: harsh punishment for asylum abuse

"Importantly, the trial is being completed in custody," said Seehofer, This means, according to the paper, that people, despite entry ban asylum apply to be released, until they go to jail in Germany or be deported.

The criminal leader of the Lebanese Miri clan was, according to their own account with the help of smugglers illegally from the Lebanon entered Germany. There, Miri applied for asylum. Only a few weeks before he was out Germany been deported.

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