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If you pay attention, you will find that ePrice has not reported the csl lottery event of the Mirror concert, because the two moderators have checked the conditions and think it is a joke. However, even if we don’t write it, Mirror fans will know about it, and finally it broke out that the ex-husband’s “Follow Group” disbanded in August. In the name of lottery, csl earns as much as possible, and there are bad reviews in the market. I can’t estimate the same tricks. It is used on a new mobile phone brand Nothing. The tool used is “Tap&Go”, one of the consumer voucher electronic wallets. Looking at it together, the wok is again a joke.


Replay old tricks

Although I don’t know the answer, the brand can call itself Nothing, and the English word for simplicity must not be used. There are a lot of reports in the media industry about the Nothing phone (1) with a transparent back. It will definitely be launched in Hong Kong, and the agent Zhong Lu will go to csl to do 1/2 of the exclusive sales point. Csl also uses a similar approach to the Mirror concert, bundling the group’s “Tap&Go”, and buying a machine must use “Tap&Go” as E-wallets issued by consumer coupons.

“Tap&Go” is one of the designated electronic wallets for the second round of consumer coupon issuance. This time, six e-wallets are allowed to “grab customers”. Other e-wallets use money and discounts to lure you over. On the contrary, with “Tap&Go”, you don’t use their e-wallets to receive coupons. This Nothing (1 ) mobile phone, you have no priority to buy it. Is Mi Mi and the Mirror concert lucky draw event? Before the lottery, you have to sign a contract to buy a service, and it costs almost tens of thousands of yuan to have the opportunity to buy concert tickets. This time, I want you to give up other e-wallet offers. You can buy a mobile phone first. Would you use two words to describe the csl + Tap&Go method of attracting customers?


The following is the SMS data sent by csl to customers today:

“Nothing phone (1), the first mobile phone of Trend Technology’s Nothing brand, is about to be officially released. The design of this new mobile phone inherits the transparent design of Nothing ear (1), and continues to focus on the stylish line.

csl exclusive* Nothing phone (1). Existing and new customers successfully redeem the 2022 (Phase 2) Government Spending Voucher Programme with Tap & Go “Tap & Go”^ can be used in priority during the period from 24 June to 12 July 2022, through csl x Nothing products Page // Registration information to book Nothing phone (1) Cleaner, showing the fashion trend.

After successful registration, customers can visit designated csl stores on designated days# to pay a deposit of $300 with Tap & Go and select a mobile phone model to enjoy an extra 1,000 Club Points and a Nothing ear(1) headset .

*csl is the exclusive distributor of Nothing phone (1) for Hong Kong mobile network operators.
^Tap & Go “Tap & Go” existing customers and new customers respectively refer to those who have registered to use the Tap & Go payment service (“Tap & Go”) to receive the 2022 Consumer Coupon Program (Phase 1) provided by the Hong Kong Government and successfully registered by The 2022 (Phase 2) Consumer Coupon Scheme provided by the government; and new customers who choose Tap & Go as the designated stored value facility account for the first time to collect the consumer coupons under the Consumer Coupon Scheme.

Tap & Go is operated by HKT Payment Limited (stored value facility license number: SVF0002) and is subject to relevant terms and conditions. #Designated date: July 13 to July 17, 2022. Subject to terms and conditions, please visit: for details. Reference number: 2022-17057. Hong Kong Mobile Communications Limited – 14th Floor, PCCW Centre, Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay. Inquiry/Cancel: 28882123 / WhatsApp”

Other consumer vouchers e-wallets count more

The number of words in an SMS is very small. It is estimated that csl will push a large number of SMS to serve users at one time (it takes several SMS Quotas, and the cost is not very small). In this world, you need to read the “* ^” clause. You should praise it. The csl is very well written this time. If you want to book a machine first, you must continue to use it or pass it through another e-wallet and use Tap&Go to receive it. consumption coupons. I want to know how aggressive other e-wallets are compared to Tap&Go, ranging from $500 to a raffle to a Tesla RV. We have an article earlier, and there is a Clubhouse Podcast program that explains six e-wallets. We think there is the strongest discount system. side one. You can click to read the text, and click to listen to the podcast. Nothing Phone (1) is a mobile phone, you can click to understand it

PS: Hao Cai will not release a new iPhone in June.