“Mirrors of the Diaspora” monitors the calamities of Iraq at the Ismailia Film Festival


The film “Mirrors of the Diaspora”, produced by Iraqi-British actors, was screened Monday in the 20th edition of the Ismailia Film Festival, led by critic Essam Zakaria.
Enthal Al-Tamimi, who attended the symposium on behalf of the director of the film Kassem, said that he had been working on this film since the beginning 25 years ago, and asked the director to get support for the film’s completion. Sand Fund 2015, which otherwise would not have come out of this project, especially as there is no cinema in Iraq until there is production. He added that what helped to accomplish the task is that during the period from 73 to 79 settled a large part of the Iraqi artists in Italy, and agreed to most of the photography, who helped in the completion of the first part, but in the second part of the work illustrated the life of most of them.

In response to the lack of clarity of the reasons for the emigration of these intellectuals abroad, Enthal said that this information was presented by Kassem in his first film in 1992 to clarify their past and current situation and their previous dreams and how they became. He pointed out that in the late seventies 1200 intellectuals left the vast majority of the world’s intellectuals, Including those who fled from the border to Syria and from there to Lebanon, and others left for Kuwait. He pointed out that Iraq has experienced exceptional circumstances, where it witnessed two long wars before the American intervention, stressing that we have not prepared for our homeland Iraq, until the new group took us away our dream, to restore Iraq and lose it in a terrible way. The Ismailia Film Festival was launched last Wednesday, in the presence of the Minister of Culture Inas Abdel-Dayem, the team Mahab Mamish and the governor of Ismailia, and a large number of critics and filmmakers. The festival is organized by the National Cinema Center under the chairmanship of Dr. Khaled Abdel Jalil Advisor to the Minister of Culture for Cinema.


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