@ Mis_cojones_en_bata, 3483931, since I honestly do not know how much I could claim, mortgage of 2015, although it is …

@Zurditorium I sent a standard email to claim it. They told me they didn’t give me anything. I spoke with a lawyer, I told myself that they had to give it 100% to me. He, if we lose, does not charge anything, if we win and they condemn the bank to pay, he does not charge me anything, and if we win without costs, he charges me 15% of what they give me. I sent him the bills for the expenses and the deed, and after 10 days the bank had already entered 50% of what I was asking for and asked me if it was enough, I said no, and now to wait for the other 50%. I started all this about 2 months ago and my mortgage is from 2007.
@SkaWorld Well I’ll write it down, and yes, I’m going to look hehehehe. Joe, thank you very much.
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