Miscellaneous – Justice | A31: Metz-Center exits closed in both directions this Friday afternoon, after an accident

At noon this Friday, the Metz-Center exit remains closed in the Nancy-Metz direction, and the Metz-Center exit in the Luxembourg-Nancy direction will also be closed this afternoon, at a time that has not yet been specified.

Traveling in the Nancy-Metz direction, a heavy vehicle left the road this Friday morning, around 5:20 am, at the Metz-Center slip road. Fortunately, the damage is only material.

In the swerving, the truck crossed the central reservation and tore several tens of meters of barriers before coming to a stop on the other side of the track, direction Luxembourg-Metz.

The lifting of the heavy goods vehicle and the repair of the guardrails have started. For motorists traveling in the direction Nancy-Metz, it is a question of being patient because the exit Metz-Center is neutralized for several hours.