Miscellaneous – Justice | Info la Provence – Marseille: a clandestine evening of 300 people stopped in Pont-de-Vivaux (10th)

It was around 1:30 am and the police from the departmental night service were a stone’s throw away, in the city of La Sauvagère where the marine firefighters had just been stoned during an intervention, when calls to 17 multiplied, evoking a huge gathering of cars and dozens of comings and goings around a room located at 26 rue Francois Mauriac (10th) in Marseille.

Without rushing, the police took the time to gather around 80 staff (night service, southern division and CRS) before showing up at the entrance to this clandestine evening which, according to our information, gathered around 300 revelers. A few dozen were able to slip away in the sight of the police, but a majority found themselves stuck inside this room.

Still according to our sources, 156 people were fined 135 euros and three individuals were arrested and taken into custody: the organizer of the evening and two other men who committed violence against the police during their intervention. . Two other people were arrested in the hours that followed, bringing the total number in custody to five.

It is the only significant evening reported this night by the authorities in Marseille.


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