Miscellaneous – Justice | Marseille: she fell 19 floors to death during the fire in her apartment in Félix-Pyat

The alert was given shortly before 5 a.m. last night in Félix-Pyat (3rd) in Marseille. A fire had just broken out in an apartment located on the 19th and penultimate floor of building B11-B12, one of the high-rise buildings in this district of the 3rd arrondissement of Marseille.

Immediately, the marine firefighters dispatched major resources: nearly sixty personnel and 20 machines. But on their arrival, the emergency services discovered, amazed, the lifeless body of a young woman at the foot of the damaged building. Presumably, the victim, about 30 years old, had just broken out of the window.

Teams immediately made their way up the floors to the apartment which was engulfed in flames and brought the victim’s husband and child to safety, poisoned by the smoke and slightly burned, before bringing the fire under control, which destroyed the housing 90%.

An investigation is opened to determine the circumstances of the tragedy which stirred the inhabitants. “Why do people live like this?”, asks this morning a local resident still in shock and anger, denouncing the living conditions and the state of the buildings in this reputedly difficult neighborhood, while the police are completing the findings of use around the body of the victim.

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