Mischa Zverev talks about his brother, Wimbledon and Federer

Blick: Mischa Zverev, unfortunately the Wimbledon tournament will take place without your injured brother Alexander. How are you currently experiencing it?
Mischa Zverev: Actually quite good. We made a little Instagram video a few days ago. He can already laugh about the injury itself. That’s a good sign. He trains twice a day, does what he can and is allowed to do. He is diligent and positive. I think he’s in a very good place mentally.

You saw it live on TV and had to comment afterwards. Did you process it too?
Yes (laughs). There are worse things, I would say. Sure, it was sad and bitter. But it’s part of a career. I’ve been injured before too. At some point it will happen to almost everyone. It was an accident and I hope it doesn’t become a chronic thing and he keeps hurting himself. I hope he comes back from that and plays well again.