Misleading claim about the inclusion of corona cases in RKI statistics

It is said again and again that the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) manipulates the numbers of corona cases. Currently it is called in a Facebook post, Vaccinated people treated in intensive care units would only count as corona cases if they showed clinical symptoms; Unvaccinated people would already be included in the RKI statistics if the test was positive.

That’s not true. We already have a similar claim checked in July.

RKI records confirmed cases in statistics – regardless of symptoms or vaccination status

On the one hand, the RKI records how many corona infections are currently reported in Germany. When we asked, the RKI told us in July that every positive PCR test would be counted as a new corona case. It does not matter whether the person tested is vaccinated or not. So regardless of whether someone is being treated in the intensive care unit or not.

On the other hand, the RKI records so-called vaccination breakthroughs and thus monitors them effectiveness the vaccination. The RKI speaks of vaccination breakthroughs when fully vaccinated people become infected with SARS-CoV-2 and show symptoms of Covid-19 disease. The RKI also lists cases of infection in vaccinated people who show no symptoms.

“Clinical symptoms” are in the medicine defined as symptoms of a patient’s illness that can be identified without further investigation. In a RKI document on “Detection, diagnosis and therapy of patients with Covid-19“Cough, runny nose or fever, for example, are named as specific clinical symptoms.

Marieke Degen, spokeswoman for the RKI, told us in July that direct pathogen detection, for example by means of a PCR test, usually indicates an “acute infection” and must therefore be reported – regardless of whether the person shows symptoms or not , be vaccinated or not.

Unvaccinated people with positive PCR test results are counted as new corona cases, as well as vaccinated people with positive pathogen detection. The claim in the Facebook post is therefore wrong.

Redemption: Matthias Bau, Uschi Jonas

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