“The world of misses is a world of denunciations.” The Miss fan who caused the disqualification of Anastasia Salvi, elected Miss Franche-Comté 2020, in the Miss France 2021 race was right. The one who revealed to have sent his naked photos to the committee still prefers to remain anonymous, presenting himself simply as a man in his fifties and holder of an account dedicated to beauty queens, but he has just given some clues on the person who, according to him, is really the origin of this controversy.

It was with L’Est Républicain that he made new revelations this Thursday, October 15, 2020 when he said he was “lashing out on the internet” since his first confidences. He explains that he discovered the famous inappropriate photos of Anastasia Salvi thanks to another person and, without revealing his identity, he delivers a big clue. “If I was sure that the committee would reverse its decision to dismiss Anastasia, I would say right away who sent me these photos. But I know the committee will not go back. These photos come from the miss world. From a runner-up of Anastasia. ” According to him, the latter could have got her hands on the pictures on the Instagram account of Anastasia Salvi’s mother.


Shocking revelations which necessarily limit the field of suspects … four people: Maëva Dubois, Fiona Père, Emma Petithuguenin and of course Coralie Gandelin, elected first runner-up and who recovered the crown after the affair broke out.

Anyway, as far as Anastasia Salvi is concerned, the adventure is well and truly over. The young woman simply regrets the attitude of her committee, which disassociated itself from her bluntly. “They harassed me with messages so that I would return my scarf, my gifts …”, had confided the young woman of 23 years, assuring in the passage that her photos considered problematic were known by all … “It is strange that I was not warned then that they could harm me, “she wondered. As of this writing, Anastasia has not responded to accusations of denunciation against her runners-up.


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