‘Miss Myanmar’, who publicly criticized the military, fled to Canada

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During the ‘Miss Grand International’ pageant held in Bangkok, Thailand in March of last year, Han Ray (23), the ‘Miss Myanmar’ of 2020, who was unable to return to Korea due to public criticism of the Myanmar military, which took power in a coup a month ago, sought asylum from Canada. has been permitted According to the Bangkok Post on the 27th (local time), he stayed in Bangkok after being criticized by the military and decided to leave Thailand that night using Korean Air. He is scheduled to transfer to Incheon International Airport and head to Toronto, Canada.

Ray, who was a student at Yangon University’s Department of Psychology, was selected as the final 20 of ‘Miss Grand International’. At that time, he went on stage and asked the military to help the oppressed Burmese. During his remarks, he couldn’t hold back his tears, and he was deeply imprinted around the world as he sang Michael Jackson’s famous song ‘Hilder World’ with sign language.

Shortly after the remarks, the Myanmar military issued an arrest warrant for him and threatened him from time to time. Ray also said, “I received a ‘death threat’ from the military.” He was denied entry at Bangkok airport while returning to Thailand after visiting Danang, Vietnam on the 21st. Analysts suggest that the military may have invalidated his passport. As this increased the risk of forced return, he sought refugee status in Canada with the help of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and was accepted.

Myanmar’s military executed four dissidents in July, which drew fierce criticism from the international community. Playing games related to militia resisting the military or sharing content on social media from democratic forces can lead to severe penalties. It is speculated that if Mr. Ray had returned to Korea, he would also have been subjected to a considerable degree of punishment.

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Reporter Kim Min [email protected]