Missed Playstation 5? BCC gives gamers a good chance!

Slowly but surely things are going in the right direction with the PlayStation 5. No, going into the store and buying it there, that’s not possible, but you do get more and more opportunities.

And if you have not managed to score a PlayStation 5, then the extortionate prices of the game computer on Marktplaats are also less high than before. Still, it’s best to buy it directly from the store. In that regard, BCC is now giving you another chance to score one.

Get a PlayStation 5 at the BCC

Where at the beginning, online stores mainly just came with a bare PlayStation 5 for a suggested retail price, nowadays the companies clearly want to make a profit from the limited supply. That is why such a game console is sold in a bundle and you get a few accessories for an additional cost. And then the question is whether it really does anything for you. Yet you can still save money that way than when you try to make your move on Marktplaats.

PlayStation 5 1 Ps5
De PlayStation 5 (Image: Sony)

The first PlayStation 5 bundle that BCC offers costs 539.97 euros. For that you get an extra DualSense controller, a black one, worth about 65 euros and a Steelseries Arctis 3 headset, worth about 70 euros. So you don’t get a discount on those products and then you just have to see that you have something to do with them. An extra controller is nice in itself, since you will probably buy it anyway to play together.

Disk bundle

The second bundle costs 714.96 euros. Then you get a PlayStation 5 Disk Edition, for 500 euros. You pay the other 214.96 euros for another second controller (a white one in this case), the same headset from Steelseries and the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut game that costs about 75 euros. That game is worth it, but in this way it becomes an expensive joke. And then there is still a small chance that you will score him. But of course not shooting is always wrong!

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut: Even Better on PlayStation 5

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Missed Playstation 5? BCC gives gamers a good chance!