Missing 14-year-old emerged in Spain – Where is the Supervisor?

Missing 14-year-old emerged in Spain – Where is the

S he is back, but her supervisor is not there: a 14-year-old from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is about a month after her Disappear and a Europe-wide search emerged again. “She contacted Spain by phone and will be picked up now,” a police spokesman said. The pupil from Grevesmühlen, who lived in a supervised residential group before disappearing, said that she was doing well. The circumstances of her disappearance are not yet clear. Of the 24-year-old caretaker, who had disappeared at the same time with the girl, but still missing any trace. The station Ostseewelle hit radio Mecklenburg-Vorpommern reported about it. The missing had gone to the police near Valencia and said she wanted to go back now. “She was also taken into custody there,” the spokesman said. The return transport will now organize the youth welfare office of the district. When the girl will be back in Grevesmühlen, was not yet clear. Europe-wide search for the girl and the caregiver After the supervisor and the girl had been searched Europe-wide. The authorities had suspected that the 14-year-old and the caregiver who worked at the facility deliberately disappeared together. “To his whereabouts we have so far no knowledge,” said the police spokesman. The girl should be heard when it is back. The 14-year-old would have to return to school to visit the school in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The case had made headlines after the police searched for them with wanted pictures. Several indications that they had been seen in Hamburg or southern Germany had proved wrong. Even references to the man’s black car do not give it, said the spokesman. also read

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