Missing 16-year-old found dead. On the body stab wounds

Chiara Gualzetti, the 16-year-old girl who had disappeared yesterday, Sunday 27 June, in Valsamoggia, in the province of Bologna, was found dead in an escarpment. His body was found in via Abbazia, less than a kilometer from his home in Monteveglio, where he lived with his family. The investigation is for murder.

On the body of clear several stabs

The carabinieri and the coroner arrived on the spot. Several stab wounds were found on the body of the 16-year-old, in particular in the throat and chest, probably inflicted using a cutting weapon. Both the ordinary and juvenile prosecutors are investigating the case. The killer could in fact be a minor. Meanwhile, the investigators are trying to reconstruct the last hours of Chiara’s life, also contacting her friends, family and acquaintances who saw the girl still alive. The young woman had left home yesterday morning, she had to meet a friend. At the moment, the friend (minor) would be under investigation. The peer would have had an appointment with the victim, according to what Adnkronos learns. “He is the last to see her according to what emerges from the missing person report”, says an investigator.

His body was found less than a kilometer away from his home, precisely within the territory of the Monteveglio abbey. Only the autopsy exam will be able to tell how long Chiara had died. The body was found by some volunteers who had answered the appeal of the victim’s father and the mayor. Chiara’s family lives at the foot of the hill where at the top there is the abbey and a medieval village. The place is frequented by tourists especially on weekends and, even yesterday, the day of Chiara’s disappearance, there were many people.

The mayor’s appeal

Daniele Ruscigno, the mayor, this morning, before the discovery, had made an appeal through his Facebook page: “The authorities managing the case are activating the second phase of Research, involving all operational resources, through permanent coordination on site “. In a short time, the notice board of the mayor had been reached by various messages of participation: many citizens who had accepted the appeal and had decided to divide into teams to look for the girl in several areas.

Chiara had left the house wearing a t-shirt and black shorts. After much searching, today afternoon, Monday 28 June, the tragic announcement of the discovery of the dead body of the 16 year old. The mayor gave the sad news:“Chiara’s search unfortunately ends in tragedy her body was found lifeless during the field research started in the afternoon by all the competent authorities, assisted by a number of citizen volunteers whom I thank. A tragedy for the whole family. and for the entire community. Investigations into the causes of death are ongoing “.