Missing child in the Eure: research extended to the Seine

Missing child in the Eure: research extended to the Seine

It is this Sunday, at the end of the afternoon, during a press conference, that the squadron chief of the gendarmerie and the prosecutor of the Republic of Evreux clarified the disappearance of the little Leo yesterday late afternoon at Romilly sur Andelle. At 16h, the accidental track, that of a fall in the river Andelle, remained “most likely and most possible” . But it must be verified before considering other hypotheses. This is why a strengthened neighborhood investigation is underway and a hearing from all the child’s entourage is again scheduled to try to determine the exact circumstances of what happened. Was a fence open? Was a door to the river closed? “There is no witness of this disappearance, hence the difficulty of this investigation”. VIDEO: the point at 19 H with the report France 3 Normandie by Emmanuelle Partouche and Hervé Colosio (montage Stéphanie Pierson) in Romilly sur Andelle and the interview of Antoine Barat , substitute of the prosecutor of the Republic of Evreux Missing child in the Eure: the point at 19h VIDEO France 3 Normandy: squadron leader Yannick Calvet reviews the research. (Reportage: Emmanuelle Partouche and Hervé Colosio) Missing child in the Eure: all tracks are checked At the back of this house a door and a staircase overlook the river Andelle / © Photo: Emmanuelle PARTOUCHE / France 3 Normandy Significant research was done around the house last night, then in the night and all morning of this Sunday. The gendarmes found nothing at the Andelle level: no toys or clothes. The soundings in the riverbed and on the banks also gave nothing. That’s why the gendarmerie decided to extend this research to the Seine, which is not far The following means are important: divers, a boat equipped with a sonar and a helicopter whose on-board camera makes it possible to scrutinize the surface of the water and the banks of the river with precision. At the end of the afternoon, almost 24 hours after the disappearance, the investigators declared “have nothing to say if the child is alive or dead.” But specified that “if of adventure the small one fell in the water, it was seized by the cold …” The gendarmes are expanding the area of ​​their research on the banks of the Seine and are asking the population not to interfere with these operations: We do not want, for the moment, the support of the population. We ask everyone to stay at home and not to clutter the banks of the Seine, so as not to degrade traces or clues. © Photo: Emmanuelle PARTOUCHE / France 3 Normandy

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