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Missy Elliott Duets & # 39; Work on it & # 39; Ellen & # 39; with & # 39; her funky white sister's viral for covering it went

Missy Elliot has "Work It" with a fan who has killed her song in karaoke for 15 years. Look at the heartwarming surprise that's on here & # 39; Ellen & # 39; fell!

Miss Elliott made a huge surprise appearance Ellen join a fan, Mary Halseywho became viral a month ago to kill Work it at a karaoke contest. While Mary brought down the house in the middle of the song, Missy stealthily sneaked behind her and sang along. At first, Mary was stupefied by the incredible guest performance, but quickly recovered and the two began to kill it together. Conclusion for this video: Is it worth it? Absolute. Watch the video below!

Although Mary admitted that she had sung this song for 17 years, she recently gained attention as she sang in the Rhode Island Goddard Park Karaoke Competition. "The song came out in 2002 and it was very popular," she said Ellen DeGeneres, "And I said I could do the song – maybe I could try it – I learned, I read the words, I studied it and the reaction I got was so positive that it became my favorite song, everybody wants to hear it "

Of course, Missy had nothing but incredible things to say about Mary's abilities – and raved about what she loved about Mary's interpretation. "Everything," Elliott replied. "When she said for the first time," Missy's funky white sister, "I'm like," Who is that ?! "So if I'm listening, I'm like, she knows[s] all the words, but the sound effects – she made the elephant noise, all that … I thought it was the most amazing thing. "

In the end, Missy Mary not only gave a signed T-shirt, but Ellen also gave her a jacket with the inscription "Missy's Funky White Sister" on the back. And if you count her one-time duet with Missy, Mary had a nice day.

We keep you updated on the latest viral, uplifting videos on Ellen. In the meantime take a look at all pictures of Miss Elliott in our gallery.


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