Mistakes not to be made in the shower with your health and your wallet in mind

On these hot and sultry summer days, there is nothing better than a refreshing and rejuvenating shower. Maybe after a long day of work that has also nailed us in the car for some time causing a cold shower of sweat. Here then is that we hardly say goodbye to family members when we return home for the desire for a nice shower. But there are some important things to know when we step into the shower and get ready for one of the most relaxing moments of the day. Here are some useful tips from our editorial team and, above all, the mistakes not to make in the shower, thinking about health and your wallet.

More than 5 liters of water every 60 seconds

According to national and international statistics, Italians are by far one of the most wasteful peoples of water. Unfortunately, we don’t only consume water in cooking and doing housework, but we often literally throw it away in the garden and bathroom as well. Just to understand the situation for a moment, let’s reflect on this figure:

  • every minute that we are in the shower we consume on average between 5 and 6 liters of water.

Without therefore detracting from our desire to cleanse and relax, we take into account how much even a classic 5-minute shower can cost.

Mistakes not to be made in the shower with your health and your wallet in mind

Given how much we potentially consume in an average shower, we now focus attention is one of the most important moments of this action: rinsing. Especially when we shampoo the movements are now automatic. But according to the experts we must pay close attention to the rinsing phase which is fundamental for both the skin and the hair. Especially if we suffer from any hypersensitivity or intolerances. In fact, remember that many dermatitis and skin inflammations are due to the failure and correct rinsing at the end of the shower.

Comb before the shower

We close with a technical advice for which we thank our hairdresser and which certainly few know. Before shampooing, we should always comb our hair. This is essentially for two good reasons:

  • combed and tidy hair makes it easy to clean and wash in depth;
  • we will avoid blocking the shower drain with hair falling out during washing. Action that will not only allow us to avoid the intervention of the plumber, but also the stagnation and the possible smell that forms in the pipes.


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