Technology MIT scientists show smart diaper with RFID sensor -...

MIT scientists show smart diaper with RFID sensor – IT Pro -. Geeks


and you can also adjust the power supply etc.

In the beginning they drink milk (from mother or via powder). You measure that exactly, to a few ml. That all comes out again (if all goes well through faeces, if not you may have to compensate). After about half a year they start slowly with other things. For example pureed vegetables. Consultatiebureau has a poster with a list of what they can and cannot do. It’s no more complicated than sticking to it.

Example: You do not have to analyze the stool that they are eating too salty. You just don’t have to feed them salt. A baby of six months old therefore does not eat fish fingers. It’s that simple.

Another example: If your child wants to eat, you give it food. If your child does not want to eat, it will not eat. It is not more complicated.

Same with waking up your child. Before your child is hungry (and in the beginning it has every 2 to 3 hours, with or without an RFID diaper) then it starts smacking. Almost every baby does that. Only if you do not respond to that, they will cry. If your child is in your room, you will hear that smack. Then you also know that mama can conjure up the breast (or one of you is going to make a bottle).

Everyone is free to use a baby monitor or timer or RFID diaper or IFTTT or graphics. But don’t come with that it required or is handy though. Because that is personal.

Of all this, I have only used a baby monitor with camera / mic. I’m glad I bought that thing second-hand. Because new, it was twice as expensive, and they also tried to give me a subscription (which they try to instill in me). The thing was probably as leaky as a basket (it hung in the DMZ). I thought we needed this. Have we used it? Sometimes. But I think we could have done fine without it. Then you go to your child and see how it is instead of looking at the camera. Big deal …

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