The encounter, which took place in a parking lot in front of a restaurant in Louisville, was filmed by one of the demonstrators in front of the camera. In the video, you can hear the group of protesters singing "tune you!" and "abolish ICE!" to the republican senator of Kentucky. One hears a man calling the Senator "Tortoise's Head" and repeatedly saying "We know where you live" as the Senator and two companions get into their parked vehicle.

McConnell did not respond to the comments of the protesters.

The encounter was the second McConnell encountered in the past two weeks. At the end of June, the Senator and his wife, Transport Minister Elaine Chao, were confronted by protesters in Washington DC while leaving an event at Georgetown University.

According to the Post, hundreds of people were protesting on Saturday at Louisville's Immigration and Customs Office, just a few miles from the restaurant. Among the demonstrators were members of the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. When someone noticed McConnell in the restaurant, they called on the demonstrators to face the senator.

"If the leader comments that he's called a fascist and supporter of ICE by a handful of extremist demonstrators, I'll let you know," McConnell's spokesman David Popp told the post after the incident.

Popp repeated the comment in a statement to CNN.

Like the group of Washington protesters, the Louisville group targeted McConnell for supporting the arrest of families by the Trump government illegally crossing the border. However, McConnell does not support the government's now-reversed policy of separating migrant children from their parents.

"Where are the children?" A protester asked McConnell. "Where are the babies, Mitch?" another said.

But Louisville's Democratic Socialists told the Post, though three members were in the crowd, the organization was not affiliated with the man who screamed about where the senator lived.

"This person is not a DSA member, nor do we know who he is or what he meant by that statement," wrote the chapter in an e-mail to the Post. "We believe this is a reference to peaceful protests outside McConnell's house, which is a regular occurrence in Louisville, but we can not talk about the comment because it did not come from our organization or our members."



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